As a Social Traders Certified social enterprise and a Supply Nation Registered business, we deliver much more than  IT  services to your organisation and the wider community.

Your decision to engage with us contributes to your social procurement and corporate social responsibility  goals and helps impact society in three primary ways:

  1. Providing opportunities for people we work with who have disadvantaged backgrounds. This is achieved through a holistic wellness and employment program outlined below.

  2. Adding value to your organisation through our IT disposal and eWaste recycling services while achieving your social procurement and corporate social responsibility objectives.

  3. Environmental benefits through reuse & recycling. We report on the amount of CO2, energy and water saved.


We are a social enterprise that delivers a professional service like any other private company. The difference is that we reinvest our profits to help individuals overcome disadvantage and to deliver better outcomes for you, our client.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a buzzword nor just a marketing tool for big business. The business has the power to make the positive changes that are needed in the world today and it can do so effortlessly through social procurement.

You can engage our service just as you would your existing decommissioning and procurement program with one main difference - your impact on society is much more significant and you receive the same or better IT installation, decommissioning and/or eWaste service as you would with other providers.

Our holistic program is designed to deliver a range of outcomes to individuals and provides an end-to-end program including personal coaching, to nutrition, social connection, education, training and employment generated from your decommissioned I.T. assets and eWaste.

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